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Table 1 Correlations between CCN3/SMA and clinicopathology feature in 86 patients with HCC

From: Remodeling of hepatic stellate cells orchestrated the stroma-derived oxaliplatin-resistance through CCN3 paracrine in hepatocellular carcinoma

VariableNo. of Patient No. of Patient 
CCN3highCCN3lowpSMA highSMA lowp
Age, y
 ≥ 5314250.41918210.397
 <531928 2621 
 Women79 88 
 Negative35 53 
 No47 29 
Serum, AFP
 ≥ 2021320.76229240.403
 <201221 1518 
Serum, ALT
 ≥ 7511270.11015230.053
 <752226 2919 
Tumor dimension
 ≥ 5 cm940.0131030.044*
 <5 cm2449 3439 
No. of tumors
 Single2951 4139 
Vascular invasion
 No2449 3736 
Tumor encapsulation
 None2526 3219 
  1. For CCN3, and SMA median values were used as cut-off points for definition of subgroups (low expression and high expression groups)
  2. *Fisher’s exact tests, and Chi-square tests for all other analyses
  3. Boldface in table indicates the difference has statistical significance (p<0.05)