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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptomic analysis associated with reversal of cisplatin sensitivity in drug resistant osteosarcoma cells after a drug holiday

Fig. 4

Functional characterization of transcripts of OS-DW cells compared to parental OS cells a) Venn diagram showing number of transcripts involved in regulating different functional domains, categorized as per GO database, and key genes that are common to all three domains. b) Heatmap representing expression changes of the genes and pathways regulated (also listed in Additional file 1: Table S1a) by the key genes. The RNA-seq expression unit of each sample is taken in FPKM (Fragments Per Kilobase of transcripts per Million mapped reads). c) Cytoscape network showing the interaction of up- and down-regulated key genes through genetic linkers of the significant pathways in cancer. All the differentially regulated genes are listed in Additional file 1: Table S1b. d) Bar graph showing the diverse set of pathways in OS-DW cells compared to OS cells with FC ≥ 10. The up-regulated are shown in red and down-regulated in green. e) Heatmap showing the signature genes of OS-DW cells and their expression in comparison to both OS-R and OS-cells. f) The network of the signature genes of OS-DW cells and the pathways they regulate

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