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Fig. 1

From: Transcriptomic analysis associated with reversal of cisplatin sensitivity in drug resistant osteosarcoma cells after a drug holiday

Fig. 1

Transcriptomic profiling of OS-DW cells a) Bar graph representing distribution of transcripts in drug withdrawn (OS-DW) cells in comparison to resistant (OS-R) cells. The significant differences are indicated by asterisk (*). b) The bar graph represents the up and down-regulated transcripts along with treatment-specific transcription factors expressed in response to withdrawal of drug pressure in OS-DW cells. c) Volcano plot illustrates the up- and down-regulated genes, in red and green colors respectively, whereas, blue indicates the significantly differentially expressed genes (FC>/< 10) with p-values ≤0.05. The genes which are enclosed in the yellow box, represent key genes differentially expressed in OS-R cells, but their expression was seen to be below base-line in OS-DW cells

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