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Table 7 Mortality Hazard Ratiosa

From: Comparing cancer incidence, stage at diagnosis and outcomes of First Nations and all other Manitobans: a retrospective analysis

 HR95% CIP-value
Crude All-Cause Mortality1.1191.045–1.1960.0011
Adjusted All-Cause Mortality1.2621.178–1.351< 0.0001
Adjusted All-Cause Mortality 5 Years Post-Diagnosis1.2341.152–1.321< 0.0001
Crude Cancer-Specific Mortality1.1261.046–1.2110.0015
Adjusted Cancer-Specific Mortality1.1081.009–1.2180.0322
Adjusted Cancer-Specific Mortality 5 Years Post-Diagnosis1.0991.001–1.2070.0487
  1. aAdjusted models have controlled for age, sex, area of residence by RHA, area-level income, Charlson comorbidity index, and stage of cancer at time of diagnosis