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Table 1 Patient Demographics

From: Radiological appearance of hepatocellular carcinoma predicts the response to trans-arterial chemoembolization in patients undergoing liver transplantation

Variable Value
Age (y), median (range) 61(25–72)
Gender, n(%)
 Male 54(81.8%)
 Female 12(18.2%)
Etiology, n(%)
 HBV 50(75.8%)
 HCV 6(9.1%)
 HBV + HCV 5(7.6%)
 Alcohol 3(4.5%)
 Others 2(3%)
Child-Pugh class, n(%)
 A 49(74.2%)
 B 17(25.8%)
BCLC class, n(%)
 A 45(68.2%)
 B 21(31.8%)
MELD, median (range), n(%) 9.7 ± 3.0/9.0(6.0–19.0)
Within Milan criteria, n(%) 40(60.6%)
Total bilirubin (mg/dL), median (range) 1.2(0.3–8.8)
albumin(g/dL), median (range) 3.4(1.6–4.5)
INR (sec), median (range) 1.1(1.0–1.6)
ALT(U/L), median (range) 57.0(12.0–400.0)
Serum creatinine (mg/dL), median (range) 0.79(0.47–1.37)
AFP (ng/mL), median (range) 13.7(2.3–4225.5)
Time on transplant list (day), median (range) 97(31–509)
Time from first TACE to transplantant (day), median (range) 83(30–582)
TACE accomplished, Total no. (mean ± SD; range) 89(1.35 ± 0.67; 1–4)
Repeat TACE, n(%) 18(27.3%)
  1. Abbreviation: HBV hepatitis B virus, HCV hepatitis C virus, ETOH ethanol alcohol, NASH nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, BCLC Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer, MELD The Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, INR international normalized ratio, ALT alanine aminotransferase, AFP α-fetoprotein