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Table 5 Review of 16 published studies of CTC before and after surgery therapy

From: Less micrometastatic risk related to circulating tumor cells after endoscopic breast cancer surgery compared to open surgery

AuthorYearNDetection rate preoperativelyTime interval after surgeryDetection rate postoperatively
Zhang Y et al. [2]201728662/286(22%)3d81/286(28%)
Maltoni R et al. [18]20154813/48(27%)Immediately9/43(21%)
Pierga JY et al. [19]2015423/42(7%)3-4w5/38(13%)
van Dalum G et al. [4]201540375/403(19%)1w66/367(18%)
Banys M et al. [20]201220926/209(12%)2-3d34/209(16%)
Daskalakis M et al. [7]20111042/104(2%)Immediately4/104(4%)
Sandri MT et al. [21]20105616/56(29%)5d14/47(30%)
Biggers B et al. [22]20094110/41(24%)14d9/30(30%)
Thepjatri N et al. [23]20083010/30(33%)14d8/22(36%)
Krawczyk N et al. [24]200813017/130(13%)Immediately22/130(17%)
Ismail MS et al. [25]20044120/41(49%)Immediately24/41(59%)
Hu XC et al. [6]2003494/49(8%)1d10/49(20%)
Galan M et al. [26]2002594/59(7%)1d10/59(17%)
Krag DN et al. [8]19992118/19(95%)2 h15/18(83%)
Choy A et al. [27]1996181/18(5%)Immediately6/18(33%)
McCulloch P et al. [28]1995161/16(6%)Immediately6/16(38%)