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Table 2 Surgical procedures and pathological characteristics of the subjects

From: Prophylactic HIPEC with radical D2 gastrectomy improves survival and peritoneal recurrence rates for locally advanced gastric cancer: personal experience from a randomized case control study

CharacteristicsHIPEC Group (n = 40)Control group (n = 40)P value
Surgical Procedures
 Total Gastrectomy13 (32.5)17 (42.5)0.489
 Distal Gastrectomy27 (67.5)23 (57.5)
Postoperative T Staging: pT3 versus pT4a
Postoperative pN Staging
 Rate of Lymph Node Metastasis (%)27.8 ± 23.333.1 ± 28.10.06
Postoperative pTNM Staging