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Table 1 Response rate to radiotherapy according to the international consensus [9]

From: A phase III randomized-controlled, single-blind trial to improve quality of life with stereotactic body radiotherapy for patients with painful bone metastases (ROBOMET)

Complete response Pain score of 0 at the treated site and stable or reduced analgesics in daily oral morphine equivalent (OMED).
Partial response Pain reduction of 2 or more at the treated site on a scale of 0 to 10 scale without analgesic increase, or analgesic reduction of 25% or more from baseline without an increase in pain.
Pain progression Increase in pain score of 2 or more above baseline at the treated site with stable OMED, or an increase of 25% or more in OMED compared with baseline with the pain score stable or 1 point above baseline
Indeterminate response Any response that is not captured by the complete response, partial response, or pain progression definitions