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Table 4 miRNAs regulated by ATRA in lung cancer cell lines

From: Modulation of all-trans retinoic acid-induced MiRNA expression in neoplastic cell lines: a systematic review

Study (reference and country) Cell type ATRA treatment miRNAs upregulated miRNAs downregulated
Zhu et al. (2015) [3]
A549 and H1299 10 and 100 μmol/L for 24 h (A549); and 100 μmol/L for 72 h (H1299) 8; miR-594, miR-519b, miR-504, miR-512-3p, miR-363, miR-517a, miR-518a and miR95; most significant: 512-3p 5; mir-223, miR-196a, miR-369-3p, miR-146a and miR-142-3pa
Chu et al. (2016) [4]
H1299 and A549 10 and 100 μmol/L for 72 h miR-512-5p
  1. aAuthors did not mention the miRNA most sensitive to ATRA treatment