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Table 1 Case reports of sinonasal desmoplastic small round cell tumors reported in the literature

From: Sinonasal desmoplastic small round cell tumor: a case report and review of the literature

Author Age (y), Gender Main symptom Tumor location Treatment Patient outcome at time of report
Present study 55, F Right eye epiphora, right nasal intermittent bleeding Right ethmoidal sinus, frontal sinus and lamina papyracea Tumor resection Survival of 12 mo
Fink MD. et al. [17] 21, F Chronic sinusitis Frontal, ethmoidal and sphenoid sinus Tumor resection; Radiotherapy; Chemotherapy Survival of more than 26 mo
LOPEZ F. et al. [18] 61, M Stuffy and bleeding of right-side nose occasionally Right ethmoidal sinus and anterior cranial fossa Tumor resection; Radiotherapy Survival of more than 29 mo
  1. F Female, M Male