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Table 5 Comparison of ROC Curves for Expression of miRNA in Plasma between CIN1- and CIN2+

From: Plasma expression of miRNA-21, − 214, −34a, and -200a in patients with persistent HPV infection and cervical lesions

Area Under the Curve (AUC)
Test Result Variable (s): miRNA-21
Area Std. Errora Asymptotic
Asymptotic 95% Confidence Interval
Lower Bound Upper Bound
.703 .035 .000 .634 .771
  1. The test variable(s): plasma expression levels of miRNA-21 exhibited at least one tie between CIN1- and CIN2+ patients. The AUC was 0.703
  2. aUnder the nonparametric assumption
  3. bNull hypothesis: true area = 0.5