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Fig. 1

From: Have we achieved adequate recommendations for target volume definitions in anal cancer? A PET imaging based patterns of failure analysis in the context of established contouring guidelines

Fig. 1

Elective CTV (yellow) as recommended by the RTOG in different CT-slices defined on a standard anal cancer case. Green circles = infield LN. Orange circles = outfield LN.1a: ultimately above the common iliac joint at the height of L5; 1b: first cranial slide at the level of the common iliac joint; 1c: inclusion of external iliac, internal iliac LN and the pre-sacral space above the urinary bladder; 1d: transition of the inguinal and external iliac nodes (lower level of internal obturator artery) with inclusion of the mesorectum, pre-sacral space and the internal iliac LN. Advanced margins (1 cm) into the urinary bladder; 1e: height of the symphysis. Coverage of the inguinal nodes and the anal canal with 2 cm safety margin; 1f: caudal border of the inguinal LN (2 cm below the saphenous/femoral junction) and the primary tumor on primary site

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