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Table 3 Variables, Measures and Time Points

From: MAGENTA (Making Genetic testing accessible): a prospective randomized controlled trial comparing online genetic education and telephone genetic counseling for hereditary cancer genetic testing

Outcome Variables Measures Baseline 3 months post-results disclosure 12 Months post-results disclosure 24 Months post-results disclosure
Cancer Risk Distress Impact of Events Scale (IES) [9] X X X X
Decisional Satisfaction Concerns Satisfaction with Decision (SWD)[10]   X X X
Genetic Testing Concerns Multidimensional Impact of Cancer Risk Assessment (MICRA) [11]   X X X
Anxiety Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale (GAD-7) [12] X X X X
Depression Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-8)[13] X X X X
Decisional Regret Decision Regret Scale [14]   X X X
Quality of Life Veterans RAND 12-Item Survey (VR-12) [15] X X X X
Surveillance Behaviors Behavioral Risk Surveillance Study Measures [16] X X X X
Genetics Knowledge General Knowledge about HBOC [17] X X X X
Cancer Risk Distress Demographics X