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Table 1 The clinical characteristics of colon cancer samples used for tissue microarray (TMA) analysis (training set) by means of MALDI-imaging and immunohistochemistry

From: Spatial UBE2N protein expression indicates genomic instability in colorectal cancers

Clinical parameter Samples of adjacent non-neoplastic mucosa Samples of CRCsa, b
Sex [male/female] 14/6 20/20
Age [years] 64.5 66.2
Ploidy [euploid/aneuploid]   20/20
T-status [1/2/3/4]   0/4/28/8
N-status [0/1/2]   20/10/10
M-status [0/1]   36/4
Grading [1/2/3]   0/28/12
Survival status [alive/dead]   18/22
Survival [months]   77.4
  1. a Two samples could not be included in the SPTBN1 staining
  2. b Three samples could not be included in the UBE2N staining