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Fig. 4

From: Differences in colonic crypt morphology of spontaneous and colitis-associated murine models via second harmonic generation imaging to quantify colon cancer development

Fig. 4

Examples of conventional H&E histology and SHG images of AOM and AOM-DSS murine tissue. (a, b, h, i) normal epithelium, (c, d, j, k) epithelium adjacent to a tumor, and (e, f) tumor region; all scale bars are 100 μm. (g) Image of a longitudinally sectioned AOM murine colon, exposing the epithelium and a grossly visible tumor; scale bar is 0.5 cm. (d) Red arrow points to an abnormally large crypt; yellow arrow points to an example of a serrated edge. (k) green arrow points to an enlarged crypt in the tumor-adjacent region; blue arrow point toward tumor edge. All images were manually contrast enhanced for display

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