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Fig. 3

From: The histone methyltransferase WHSC1 is regulated by EZH2 and is important for ovarian clear cell carcinoma cell proliferation

Fig. 3

Knockdown of WHSC1 significantly suppresses cell growth in OCCC cells. a Knockdown of WHSC1 decreased WHSC1 and H3K36me2 levels, as shown by immunoblotting. We transfected OVISE cells with WHSC1-specific siRNAs (siWHSC1#1 and siWHSC1#2) or control siRNA (siNC) for 48 h. Then, immunoblotting was performed for WHSC1, H3K36me2, and β-actin. b Immunoblot band intensities were quantified using ImageJ. c Analysis of cell viability after knockdown of WHSC1 for 72 h in OVTOKO and OVISE cells revealed significant growth suppression. (*p < 0.01). d WHSC1 suppression increased the proportion of S phase cells, as shown by FACS analysis. OVTOKO and OVISE cells were treated with WHSC1-specific siRNAs or siNC, and flow cytometry and PI staining were performed to examine cell cycle status.

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