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Table 1 EXCELS Intervention “High Tech” and “High Touch” Components

From: Rationale and design of extended cancer education for longer term survivors (EXCELS): a randomized control trial of ‘high touch’ vs. ‘high tech’ cancer survivorship self-management tools in primary care

EXCELS – Website Tool EXCELS – Health Coaching
Home Page: Provide information on
 • General health and cancer follow-up
• Managing symptoms, late and long term effects
Call 1: Introduction to EXCELS health coaching
 • Introduction to cancer follow-up
 • Survivorship Symptom Tracker
 • Directed learning to symptom specific health topics
Recommendations: Tailored information on
 • Cancer surveillance and screening
 • General health
 • Symptom awareness
Call 2: Cancer survivorship wellness planner
 • Cancer surveillance
 • Late and long-term effects
 • General health
To-do List:
 • Survivors view personalized health exams and screenings
 • Tracks past and future survivorship appointments
Call 3: Set wellness SMART goals
 • How to do it
 • Priority goals
 • Steps to achieve goals
My Healthcare Team:
 • Lists healthcare providers and corresponding preventive health appointments and developed questions
Call 4: Evaluate SMART goals
 • How to do it
 • Priority goals
 • Steps to achieve goals
Learn and Prepare:
 • Information related to diverse health topics
 • Healthy Lifestyle and coping
 • Develop questions to ask their providers regarding health topics, symptoms, and healthy lifestyle