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Fig. 7

From: Elucidating the transcriptional program of feline injection-site sarcoma using a cross-species mRNA-sequencing approach

Fig. 7

Compound GSK-1059615 potently inhibits growth of FISS cells in vitro. A 50% inhibitory concentration (IC50) assay analysis of cells derived from the FISS tumor of cat04 (see Methods) incubated for 48 h with GSK-1059615 indicates that the compound inhibits FISS-derived cell growth in vitro at micromolar concentrations. Marks indicate average resazurin fluorescence of cells in three biological replicates (bars, sample standard deviation) at the indicated concentration of GSK-1059615, in each case as a % of the fluorescence intensity of control cells incubated with identical vehicle concentration (see Methods)

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