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Fig. 4

From: Decrease of Nibrin expression in chronic hypoxia is associated with hypoxia-induced chemoresistance in some brain tumour cells

Fig. 4

Hypoxia regulates DNA repair genes at the transcript level. (a) Expression plots for multidrug resistance genes, abcb1, abcc1 and abcg1 in D283-MED cells incubated in 1% O2 for 0–96 h. Filled circle and dark blue line show the average expression of the transcript. Open circle represents the data point for each individual probe. Numbers above data points show the fold change normalised to basal ratio. Shaded blue areas indicates the range of data variation. Expression profiles of genes involved in (b) non-homologous end joining or (c) homologous recombination for D283-MED cells incubated at 1% O2 for 0–96 h. Green and red represent downregulation and upregulation respectively

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