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Fig. 6

From: The garlic compound ajoene covalently binds vimentin, disrupts the vimentin network and exerts anti-metastatic activity in cancer cells

Fig. 6

Ajoene Rescues the Enhanced Migratory Potential of Vimentin Overexpressing Cells. (a) Vimentin was transiently overexpressed using human vimentin cDNA cloned into pCMV3, in both HeLa and MDA-MB-231 cells as shown and quantified by immunoblot. A scratch wound was then introduced into MDA-MB-231 (b and d) or HeLa (c or e) cells and 10 μM ZA in DMSO or DMSO alone was incubated with the cells for 24 h. Migration into the wound was then quantified using Image J software. The results of a single representative experiment is shown; however experiments were performed in duplicate

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