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Table 3 Breast cancer characteristics in patients with TP53 pathogenic mutations

From: Prevalence of germline mutations in the TP53 gene in patients with early-onset breast cancer in the Mexican population

Mutation Diagnostic Age CE* Laterality Histology Estrogen Receptor Progesterone Receptor HER2
c.844C > T 28 IV Right ILC +
c.517G > A 27 IIIA Bilateral IDC + DCIS +
c.604C > T 36 IV Left ILC + + +
c.291delC 24 IIB Left IDC + +
c.273dupG 27 IIB Left IDC +
  1. ILC invasive lobulillar carcinoma, IDC invasive ductal carcinoma, DCIS ductal carcinoma In situ