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Table 2 Inter-assay concordance analysis of human MYCN status determined by ddPCR and IHC (N-myc) in human NB

From: Droplet digital PCR as an alternative to FISH for MYCN amplification detection in human neuroblastoma FFPE samples

DD-PCR IHC Positive IHC Negative Concordance by DDPCR Discordance by DDPCR
Non-amplified (n = 30) 1 29 (29/30)96.7% (1/30)3.3%
Amplified (n = 3) 3 0 (3/3)100% (0/3)0%
  1. A total of 33 blinded cases with unknown MYCN status were included in the analysis. Number of cases and percent measures of concordance in ddPCR vs. IHC is presented for amplified and non-amplified cases