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Table 2 Anti-lung cancer drugs and their target genes

From: Identifying primary site of lung-limited Cancer of unknown primary based on relative gene expression orderings

Drug ID Drug FDA Target genes
DB00317 Gefitinib approved EGFR
DB00361 Vinorelbine approved TUBB
DB00642 Pemetrexed approved TYMS, ATIC, DHFR, GART
DB05390 INS 316 investigational P2RY2
DB08865 Crizotinib approved ALK, MET
DB08916 Afatinib approved EGFR, ERBB2, ERBB4
DB09063 Ceritinib approved ALK
DB09330 Osimertinib approved EGFR
DB09559 Necitumumab approved EGFR
DB11363 Alectinib approved ALK