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Fig. 3

From: Sequential therapeutic targeting of ovarian Cancer harboring dysfunctional BRCA1

Fig. 3

Ovarian cancer cells pre-treated with PARPi followed by cisplatin showed strong synergism. a SKOV3, SKOV3-shBRCA1 and SNU-251, SNU-251-BRCA1 cells were pre-treated with increases doses of olaparib (0-2uM) follow by 2 μg of cisplatin for 7 days and survival was determined using the clonogenic assay. b Cells were pre-treated with increases doses of cisplatin (0-2 μg) follow by olaparib (0.1uM-0.5uM) for 7 days and their effect on cell survival was evaluated using the clonogenic assay. The evaluation of combination index (CI) for pretreated olaparib (c) and cisplatin pretreated (d) in OC cells was calculated where CI < 1 indicates synergy between the two drugs and CI > 1 indicates an additive effect. Results are presented as means ± SEM for triplicates of three independent experiments

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