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Fig. 2

From: Anti-cancer effect of dung beetle glycosaminoglycans on melanoma

Fig. 2

Identification of N-glycans from CaG, IQG, and HEG using MALDI-FOF MS and MS/MS spectrometry. N-glycan of CaG mass (MS) spectrum had main peaks with m/z 1175.5, Hex7; m/z 1337.5, Hex8; m/z 1499.6, Hex9 and m/z 1282.5, Hex3HexNAC3dHex1. N-glycan of IQG had main peaks in MS spectrum with m/z 1282.5, Hex3HexNAC3dHex1; m/z 1485.6, Hex3HexNAC4dHex1 and 1752.2, Hex7HexNAC6. N-glycan of HEG had main peaks in MS spectrum with m/z 1175.2 Hex7 and m/z 1752.2, Hex7HexNAC6. Proposed structure was analyzed by N-glycan sequence data library matched with MS/MS spectrum

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