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Table 1 Access to primary care (survey from 2011 part of ERS taskforce) [5]

From: Achieving Thoracic Oncology data collection in Europe: a precursor study in 35 Countries

Country Remarks
“free for everyone”
 Ireland For those individuals with a ‘medical card’.
United Kingdom
“free but Insurance pay”
 Albania Single level of Health Insurance which is mandatory in order to allow access to public hospitals. Additional voluntary Health Insurance in order to access private hospitals.
 B & H Public health care is organised at the cantonal level; with Insurance paid by employers to the Public Fund.
 Croatia Two levels of Health Insurance, basic and additional.
Czech Republic
 Estonia There is a State-run Health Insurance.
 Netherlands Mandatory basic level of Health Insurance which is paid by everyone in employment. There are voluntary supplements available too.
 Romania National Public Health Insurance agency.
 Serbia Mandatory Social Health Insurance Scheme.
 Slovakia Mandatory Health Insurance, paid for by employer or State. 3 companies at present, 1 State run, 2 are private.
 Slovenia Health Insurance scheme run by the Government
 Switzerland Compulsory Basic level of Health Insurance. Additional ‘complementary’ health Insurance available too.
“Pay at time of consultation”
 Bulgaria 1.2E assuming individual paid contribution to National Health Fund. If not met contributions to National Health Fund then 10-15E.
 Cyprus Given inadequate Primary care physicians, if choose to see one privately will have to pay 50E.
 Germany 10E per visit, or 40E per year and consultations are free.
 Iceland 4E. Department of Health covers the rest via taxation.
 Ireland If not got a medical card (see above) then pay 60E. Some or all of this can be claimed from private Insurance scheme (50% population.
 Norway 22E per visit, up to maximum of 260E per year including primary and secondary care appointments and prescription charges etc. In-patient stay is free. Government does collect income tax of which some goes to Department of Health.
 Sweden 24E per visit, up to maximum of 180E per year.
“Pay a certain amount/proportion”
 Belgium 10% paid by patient, 90% paid by ‘social security’.
 Finland 13.7E/visit for first 3 visits, then free.
 France 23E at time of appointment but individual can claim back 70% of this from Social Security.
 Greece 3-10E
 Luxembourg Individual pays 20% of 39.9E (ie 8E). Compulsory Public Health and Longterm Care Insurance means Government pays 80% of primary and secondary care consultation costs.
  1. B & H Bosnia Herzegovina. E Euros