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Table 2 Schedule of enrolment, engagement, intervention and data collection

From: Comparison of implementation strategies to influence adherence to the clinical pathway for screening, assessment and management of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients (ADAPT CP): study protocol of a cluster randomised controlled trial

   Study period
  Enrolment Engagement Allocation Intervention Costs retrieval
Timepoint -T2 -T1 0 T0 “Go-live” T1 6 mths T2 12 mths T3 3 mths post
 Eligibility Screen X       
 Informed Consent X       
 Governance X       
 Role definition   X      
 Tailoring   X      
 Staff training   X      
Allocation    X     
 Core     X X X  
 Enhanced     X X X  
 Primary outcome
  Adherence: CP      X X  
 Secondary outcomes
  Acceptability     X X X  
  Adoption      X X  
  Appropriateness     X X X  
  Feasibility     X X X  
  Costs     X X X X
  Penetration      X X  
  Sustainability       X  
  ORIC, Hands4U, study-developed organisational readiness items     X X X  
  Demographic & disease items     X