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Table 2 Example of the provided content for the precontemplation stage

From: (Cost-)effectiveness of an internet-based physical activity support program (with and without physiotherapy counselling) on physical activity levels of breast and prostate cancer survivors: design of the PABLO trial

Stage 1 (precontemplation), content set 1
Component Targeted concept(s) (and processes of change) Stage-appropriate strategy Application
Information: Physical activity after cancer Knowledge & attitudes (consciousness raising and dramatic relief) Providing information on consequences of physical activity. Introduction text with picture.
Personal feedback on PA level of last week showed in graph and table.
Written stories/quotes, Two movies (advice of a doctor and a personal testimonial of a survivor).
Assignment 1: Pros of physical activity Knowledge & attitudes (consciousness raising) Weighing pros and cons, emphasize pros. Assignment on advantages of PA, including ticking options.
Assignment 2: Physical activity and significant others Knowledge & attitudes (environmental reevaluation) Environmental reevaluation (consequences to others). Assignment on influence on others, including two text boxes.
Assignment 3: Past success Self-efficacy Prompt focus on past success (regarding exercise), with solution-focused questions. Tips/examples, assignment on successes including text boxes.