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Fig. 2

From: The oncogene KRAS promotes cancer cell dissemination by stabilizing spheroid formation via the MEK pathway

Fig. 2

Comparison of cDNA microarray data of ID8-2D and ID8-KRAS-2D with ID8-3D and ID8-KRAS-3D cells, respectively. ID8 and ID8-KRAS cells (1 × 106) were incubated for 48 h in 2D or 3D culture. Total RNA was extracted from each sample and subjected to DNA microarray analysis. a Expression plot analysis comparing gene expression for ID8-2D and ID8-KRAS-2D cells with ID8-3D and ID8-KRAS-3D cells, respectively. b The number of differentially expressed genes in the microarray comparison analyses. Fold change cut-off: upregulated > 2-fold or downregulated < 2-fold

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