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Table 1 Characteristics of studies included in the meta-analysis

From: MiR-20a, a novel promising biomarker to predict prognosis in human cancer: a meta-analysis

NO Study Year Race Tumor type Clinical stage of tumor NO(high/low) Specimen Detection method Cut-off value Outcome Survival analyses and their source of HR Follow-up time NOS
1 Wang et al. 2012 China GC TNM I-IV OS: 65(34/31) blood qRT-PCR median value OS OS: univariate(reported), multivariate(reported) 3 years 8
2 Chang et al. 2013 China OSCC TNM I-IV OS: 98(71/27) tissues qRT-PCR # OS OS: univariate(K-M Curve) 84 months 8
3 Cheng et al. 2016 China CRC TNM I-IV OS, DFS: 544(407/137) tissues qRT-PCR N/D OS, DFS OS, DFS: univariate(K-M Curve), multivariate(reported) about 110 months 8
4 Fan et al. 2013 China HCC tumor stage I-III OS, RFS: 100(50/50) tissues qRT-PCR N/D OS, RFS OS, RFS: univariate(reported), multivariate(reported) 100 months 7
5 Gao et al. 2012 China MM ISS: I-III, D-S: I-III PFS: 85(43/42) BM qRT-PCR N/D PFS PFS: univariate(K-M Curve) 35 months 6
6 Huang et al. 2014 China GC N/D OS: 82(41/41) blood qRT-PCR N/D OS OS: univariate(N/D) about 20 months 6
7 Marchini et al. 2011 Italy EOC Figo I substage A-C OS, PFS: 89(N/D) tissues Microarray and qRT-PCR & OS, PFS OS, PFS: univariate(reported), multivariate(reported) 9 years 8
8 Sanfiorenzo et al. 2012 France NSCLC TNM IA-B, IIA-B, IIIA DFS: 52(N/D) tissues and blood qRT-PCR median DFS DFS: univariate(K-M Curve), multivariate(reported) 60 months 7
9 Xu et al. 2013 China ESCC Clinical stage I-IV OS: 105(54/51) tissues qRT-PCR N/D OS OS: univariate(K-M Curve) about 55 months 8
10 Xu et al. 2018 China NSCLC TNM I-III OS, DFS: 196(N/D) blood qRT-PCR median OS, DFS OS, DFS: univariate(reported), multivariate(reported) about 100 months 8
11 Yang et al. 2016 China GC TNM I-IV OS: 55(27/28) blood Microarray and qRT-PCR median OS OS: univariate(K-M Curve) about 35 months 8
12 Zhang et al. 2015 China CSCC TNM I-III OS: 152(54/98) tissues qRT-PCR N/D OS OS: univariate(K-M Curve), multivariate(reported) 60 months 6
13 Zhao et al. 2017 China glioblastoma N/D OS, DFS: 106(N/D) blood the nCounter Human v2 miRNA Expression Assay N/D OS, DFS OS, DFS:univariate(K-M Curve), multivariate(reported) 2 years 7
14 Reng et al. 2016 China OSCA Figo I-IV OS: 93(71/22) tissues qRT-PCR N/D OS OS: univariate(K-M Curve) about 45 months 5
  1. Abbreviations: BM Bone marrow, CRC Colorectal cancer, CSCC Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, DFS Disease-free survival, D-S Durie-Salmon, EOC Epithelial ovarian cancer, ESCC Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, FIGO The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, GC Gastric cancer, HCC Hepatocellular carcinoma, MM Multiple myeloma, NOS Newcastle-Ottawa scale scores, NSCLC Non-small cell lung carcinoma, N/D Not described, OS Overall survival, OSCA Ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma, OSCC Oral squamous cell carcinoma, PFS Progression-free survival, qRT-PCR Quantitative Real-time PCR, RFS Recurrence-free survival;#, the article difined the high miR-20a expression level as multiple of change of larger than 0.24 and low as multiple of change less than or equal to 0.24; &, The Contal and O’Quigley method was applied (SAS macro was provided by Mandrekar and colleagues) to choose a cutoff value