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Table 1 Main clinical items collected in the BACAP cohort

From: A prospective clinical and biological database for pancreatic adenocarcinoma: the BACAP cohort

Type Data collected
Socio-demographic Age, gender, medical history and medication use, work and educational level, alcohol and tobacco consumption, BMI, family history of cancer
Symptoms First symptoms of the disease, period between first symptoms and first consultation, venous or arterial thrombosis, metastasis (lymph nodes, ascites), performance status with WHO score
Biology Standard including liver enzymes, lipids, coagulation, CA 19–9
Diagnosis Radiology, EUS, MRI and PET-scan, pre-therapeutic staging (CT-scan and EUS), cytopathology,
Pathology Fine needle biopsy or resected specimen: differentiation, lymph nodes, metastases, R status and TNM staging
Treatment(s) Chemotherapy (first, second and possibly third line), surgery, neo-adjuvant treatment, adjuvant treatment, best supportive care
Follow-up For each visit, the following were collected: standard laboratory tests, CT scan evaluation, chemotherapy treatment, treatment toxicities, and supportive care. The follow-up ended on the date of death.