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Fig. 6

From: SoLAT (Sorafenib Lenvatinib alternating treatment): a new treatment protocol with alternating Sorafenib and Lenvatinib for refractory thyroid Cancer

Fig. 6

SoLAT was most efficiently induced cell cycle arrest and reduced anti-apoptotic factor on GSP2 and GSP3 xenografts model. a and b Immunohistochemistry showed that p21 levels were increased and whereas Bcl-2 levels were reduced by the alternating treatment with sorafenib and lenvatinib SoLAT. c Immunoblot analysis of cell-cycle arrest proteins showed marked increase in the levels of p21 and whereas anti apoptotic proteins were marked decrease in the levels of Bcl-2 by the SoLAT group than in the individual sorafenib or lenvatinib treatment groups on GSP2 and GSP3 xenografts model

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