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Table 2 Summary of pre-, during and post evaluations during the study

From: Predicting treatment Response based on Dual assessment of magnetic resonance Imaging kinetics and Circulating Tumor cells in patients with Head and Neck cancer (PREDICT-HN): matching ‘liquid biopsy’ and quantitative tumor modeling

  Baseline Weekly treatment visits Follow Up (2–3 months)
Physical examination with or without nasoendoscopy X X X
Weight and BMI X X X
Complete blood count with differential
 - Hemoglobin    
 - Neutrophil count    
 - Platelet count    
 - Monocyte count X X X
Basic Metabolic Panel
 - Electrolytes    
 - Liver function tests    
 - Albumin    
 - ESR    
 - CRP X X X
Blood biomarker collection:
 - 10 ml CellSave tube    
 - 2 × 10 ml EDTA tubes X X X
Pregnancy test (female of childbearing age) X   
Contrast CT head and neck X   X
18F-FDG PET/CT (optional) X   X
MRI of the head and neck X X X