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Table 6 The risk estimation of analysed variables and clinical status for exclusively haematogenous versus lymphogenous dissemination in breast cancer patients (logistic regression adjusted for age)

From: Decreased methylation in the SNAI2 and ADAM23 genes associated with de-differentiation and haematogenous dissemination in breast cancers

  Variables P value OR 95% CI
CTC + LNM- vs. CTC-LNM+ ↑ Methylation of ADAM23 in PT 0.023 0.45 0.229–0.898
  ↑ Methylation of CXCL12 in PBCs 0.046 0.07 0.005–0.949
  ↑ Methylation of TWIST1 in PBCs 0.050 0.03 0.001–0.998
  Tumour size > 20 mm 0.055 0.04 0.001–1.073
  1. −2 Log likelihood = 15.22; R2(Cox and Snell) = 0.57; R2(Nagelkerke) = 0.81
  2. Abbreviations: LNM lymph node metastases, CTC circulating tumour cells, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, ↑ continuous variable. Age and DNA methylation of genes significant in univariate analysis, hormone receptor and HER2 status, histological type, tumour size and Ki-67 proliferative index were analysed as independent variables, significant or borderline significant results are shown in the table