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Table 5 Predicted target genes in representative set of enriched gene ontology biological process terms

From: Malignant canine mammary epithelial cells shed exosomes containing differentially expressed microRNA that regulate oncogenic networks

Enriched Term Gene Ontology Id Target Genes (within all 16 miRNAs) Targets in 3 miRNA Subset
G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle GO:0000082 CCNE2, ACVR1B, EIF4E, CACUL1, CAMK2G, CAMK2D, USP37, RANBP1, RPS6KB1, PPP3CA, PHF8, LATS2, RBBP8 19a: CACUL1, RBBP81
181a: RPS6KB1
regulation of establishment of cell polarity GO:2000114 ROCK1, GATA3, KRIT1, RICTOR, ARFGEF1, KANK1 19a: ARFGEF1
181: KANK1
negative regulation of apoptotic process GO:0043066 FKBP8, TAF9B, NAA15, FOXO1, TP63, CITED2, SETX, PTK2, CASP3, DAB2, PRKAA1, RARB, HSPA5, AGO4, DNAJC3, KLHL20, CDK1, PDCD10, ADAMTS20, ZNF830, CBL, ASIC2, IGF1, RHBDD1, UBE2B, ASCL1, HSP90B1, GSK3B, HIPK3, VEGFA, ARF4, MAPK8, MDM4, APBB2, CAMK1D 19a: HIPK3a, MDM4, MAPK8, ADAMTS20, KLHL20
181a: HIPK3a, HSP90B1, UBE2B,
establishment of cell polarity GO:0030010 RAB11FIP2, UST, RICTOR, WEE1, EPHB1, MARK1, KIF26B 19a: WEE1
181a: RAB11FIP2, MARK1
intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway by p53 class mediator GO:0072332 ZMAT1, ZMAT4, ZMAT3, PPP1R13B, ZNF385B, DDX5, ZNF346 19a: ZNF385B
negative regulation of extrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway GO:2001237 PHIP, ZMYND11, NRP1, ITGA6, IGF1, PSME3, RPS6KB1, SGMS1, GCLM 19a: ZMYND11
181a: GCLM, RPS6KB1
histone ubiquitination GO:0016574 SUZ12, UBE2A, HUWE1, UBE2B, PHC1 19a: UBE2A, SUZ12
181a: UBE2B
neuronal stem cell population maintenance GO:0097150 NOTCH1, FOXO1, DLL1, FOXO3, CDH2, PROX1, MMP24 181a: PROX1
chromatin remodeling GO:0006338 ATRX, TOP1, RSF1, HNF1A, GATA3, MORF4L2, INO80, CHD1, TP63, ARID1B, SMARCA2, RERE 19a: INO80a, SMARCA2, ATRX
181a: INO80a
positive regulation of cell-substrate adhesion GO:0010811 PPM1F, SMOC2, CCDC80, JAK2, NID1, EDIL3, PRKCE, ABI3BP 19a: SMOC2
181a: ABI3BP
histone H3-K9 trimethylation GO:0036124 BEND3, ARID4A, ARID4B  
histone H2A ubiquitination GO:0033522 UBE2A, UBR2, UBE2B 19a: UBE2A
181a: UBE2B
positive regulation of cell proliferation GO:0008284 KMT2D, CNBP, CACUL1, ESM1, IL34, CNOT7, CNOT6, TGFB2, PTK2, S1PR1, KRAS, CNOT6L, RARB, LOC488215, INSR, ACER3, UBE2A, PDCD10, KLB, SLC25A5, MECP2, ROGDI, IGF1, DLL1, TET1, SUZ12, ADM, HIPK1, HDAC1, VEGFA, HBEGF, MAB21L1, CARM1, EIF5A2 18a: KLB
181a: S1PR1a, ESM1, CARM1, ADM
negative regulation of cell migration GO:0030336 PTPRJ, RAP2A, ADARB1, RAP2C, OSBPL8, ABHD2, KANK1, THY1, SFRP1, ROBO1, RRAS, TP53INP1, SRGAP2 19a: RAP2C
histone H3-K4 trimethylation GO:0080182 TET3, BEND3, ARID4A, KMT2A, CTR9 181a: KMT2A
stem cell population maintenance GO:0019827 PHF19, EIF4E, NIPBL, MED28, MTF2, EOMES, KLF4, DDX6, CTR9 18a: PHF19
19a: DDX6
cell migration GO:0016477 CCDC88A, AVL9, CDH2, VAV2, EPHB3, SDC4, TGFB2, SDC1, SORBS2, GSK3B, ARF4, CDC42BPA, JAK2, LIMD1, LAMC1, CSK, KCTD13, NFATC2, USP33 18a: SDC4, SORBS2
19a: USP33a, NFATC2, CCDC88A, SDC1, EPHB3
181a: USP33a, AVL9, CDC42BPA
  1. Gene symbols with superscripted letter (a) in last column denote gene targets associated with more than one miRNA