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Table 2 The details of all included studies

From: Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: evidence from genome-wide association studies and replication within multiple myeloma patients

Reference Year Sample size case/controls Ethnicity Chemotherapy agent Source of data Genotyping Cancer site
Magrangeas 2016 155/314 European Bortezomib RCT SNP 6.0 Affymetrix arrays Multiple myeloma
García-Sanz 2016 33/139 NA Bortezomib and/or thalidomide RCT Axiom Exome Genotyping array (Affymetrix) Multiple myeloma
Hertz 2016 50/566 Caucasian Docetaxel RCT HumanHap610-Quad Genotyping BeadChip (Illumina) Prostate cancer
Komatsu 2015 24/121 Asian Paclitaxel Cohort study Illumina Omni-Express BeadChip Cancer (NS)
Schneider 2015 576/781 European Paclitaxel RCT HumanOmni1-Quad array (Illumina) Breast cancer
Diouf 2015 86/235 Mixed population Vincristine RCT Affymetrix GeneChip
Human Mapping 500 K array 532,552 SNPs) or the SNP 6.0 array (906,600 SNPs) (Affymetrix)
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Leandro-García 2013 144
Cox regression
European Paclitaxel Cohort study Infinium BeadChip Human 660WQuad assay (Illumina) Cancer (NS)
Baldwin 2012 855
cox regression
European Paclitaxel RCT HumanHap610-Quad Genotyping BeadChip (Illumina) Breast cancer
Won 2011 39/57 Asian Oxaliplatin Cohort study Affymetrix Genome-Wide
Human SNP Array 6.0
Colon cancer
  1. NA not available, RCT randomized control trial, NS not specified