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Table 1 Summary of study procedures and schedule

From: Improving medication adherence with adjuvant aromatase inhibitor in women with breast cancer: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of short message service (SMS) reminder

Study procedures Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3
Screening/Baseline Month 6 Month 12
Informed consent x   
Assess eligibility x   
SMAQ x x x
BMQ, ASK-12 x   x
Prescription data x x x
Pill count and refill data   x x
Estrone, estradiol and androstenedione assays x   x
UPIRTSO event   x x
Patient log of daily pill taken and weekly SMS   x x
aCheck receipt of SMS x x x
  1. aResearch coordinator will verbally check the status of SMS receipt at each clinic visit