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Table 2 Adherence to composite indicator by payer statusa

From: The effect of low insurance reimbursement on quality of care for non-small cell lung cancer in China: a comprehensive study covering diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes

composite indicator High reimbursement rate   Low reimbursement rate   P
M N (%)   M N (%)  
Process 5463 3226 (59.05) 4611 2714(58.86) 0.8448
Outcome 3881 293(7.55) 3419 243(9.36) 0.4697
  1. a“M” means the sum of total patients who were eligible and have none of the contraindications for each indicator, “N” means eligible patients who were actually received the treatment, the percentile in parentheses represents composite score of process-of-care indicators and outcome indicator according to payer status