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Table 1 Datasets used in the study

From: Gene expression profiling of 1200 pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma reveals novel subtypes

DataSet Sample Size Platform clinical Data Note
ICGCarray 178 Illumina Yes Training set
TCGA 172 RNA-Seq Yes Training set
MTAB-1791 195 Illumina No Training set
GSE62165 118 Affymetrix No Training set
GSE60980 49 Agilent-028004 No Training set
GSE15471 39 Affymetrix, plus2 No Training set
GSE55643 45 Agilent-014850 No Training set
Bailey 71 RNA-Seq Yes Validation set
GSE71729 145 Agilent-014850 Yes Validation set
GSE57495 63 Rosetta/Merck Yes Validation set
GSE79670 51 RNA-Seq Yes Validation set
GSE62452 69 Affymetrix Yes Validation set
Collisson 27 Affymetrix, plus2 Yes Validation set
GSE77858 46 Agilent-012097 No Validation set