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Fig. 3

From: IFI44L is a novel tumor suppressor in human hepatocellular carcinoma affecting cancer stemness, metastasis, and drug resistance via regulating met/Src signaling pathway

Fig. 3

IFI44L functions as a tumor suppressor affecting metastasis implicates with Met/Src signaling. a Analysis of the effect of IFI44L on Hep3B and HepG2 cell migration and invasion using Boyden chamber assay. Quantitative data are shown by histograms and representative photographs of the migrated/invaded cells from different treatments are shown. b Representative xenograft tumors formed by 5 × 105 Hep3B sphere cells in the SCID mice. Tumor growth was monitored by BLI. Representative BLIs are shown on day 30 after implantation. c The protein expression levels of the signaling components of the Met/Src signaling in Hep3B and HepG2 cells are shown by Western blotting. The actin was used as an internal control. Relative band intensity was quantified by ImageJ 1.42 and was represented with normalized mean ± s.e. (n = 3) below each band

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