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Table 1 Critical structure contouring guidelines

From: PROstate Multicentre External beam radioTHErapy Using a Stereotactic boost: the PROMETHEUS study protocol

Structure name Description
Rectal Wall Contour as a 3 mm thick wall structure from recto-sigmoid junction to lower aspect of ischial tuberosities.
Rectal Mucosa Solid structure corresponding to the internal cylindrical space central to the inner surface of the rectal wall.
Rectum Posterior Wall This is the most posterior 15 mm of rectal wall
Bladder Contour the whole organ as a solid structure.
Penile Bulb Contour from MRI.
Prostatic urethra Planning Target at Risk Volume (PRV) Contour urinary IDC within prostate, and add 1 mm radial expansion for the PRV. If no IDC used, estimate urethral position, and add 3 mm radial expansion.
Neck of Femur Contour the Left and Right NOF as solid structures to the level of the ischial tuberosity.