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Table 1 Known resistance mutations in the SMO domain. Source: COSMIC[16]

From: A computational study of hedgehog signalling involved in basal cell carcinoma reveals the potential and limitation of combination therapy

Mutation Number Associated with
  of samples BCC initiation
H231R 2 Yes
T241M 1 No
W281C 2 Yes
W281L 1 No
V321A 1 Yes
V321M 3 Yes
A459V 3 Yes
F460L 1 Yes
C469Y 1 No
D473G 7 Yes
D473H 2 Yes
D473N 1 Yes
D473Y 1 No
Q477E 1 Yes
G497W 3 Yes
S533N 1 Yes
W535L 10 Yes
W535R 1 Yes