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Table 2 Ongoing immunotherapy/radiotherapy clinical trials

From: Mechanisms of immune evasion in breast cancer

NCT Number Phase Regimen Conditions Enrollment
NCT02303366 I Stereotactic ablation with anti-PD-1 antibody MK-3475 Oligometastatic breast cancer 15
T02730130 II Pembrolizumab plus radiotherapy Metastatic breast cancer 17
NCT02499367 II Nivolumab after induction Breast cancer 84
NCT02538471 II LY2157299 Monohydrate and radiotherapy Metastatic breast cancer 28
NCT01862900 I/II Stereotactic body radiation with monoclonal antibody to OX40 (MEDI6469) after systemic therapy Metastatic breast cancer 40
NCT01421017 I/II Toll-like Receptor (TLR) 7 agonist, Cyclophosphamide, and radiotherapy Metastatic breast cancer 55