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Table 1 Factor loadings based on maximum likelihood extraction with direct oblimin rotation for the EBBS

From: Emotional predictors of bowel screening: the avoidance-promoting role of fear, embarrassment, and disgust

   Fear of outcome Embarrassment Insertion disgust Faecal disgust
1 Collecting a sample of my own faeces/poo on a swab stick is really nasty     .658
2 The idea of posting a sample of my faeces to my doctor or a laboratory is embarrassing     
3 The idea of putting anything, even diagnostic equipment into my anus is disgusting    −.630  
4 I am afraid that giving a stool sample might lead to discovering I have cancer .831    
5 I would be so concerned about being diagnosed with bowel cancer that I would avoid testing .641    
6 The idea of having to gather a sample of my own faeces makes me feel sick     .835
7 Having anything guided up my bottom and into my bowel is disgusting    −.886  
8 Holding a container of my own faeces (poo) is disgusting     .578
9 I would worry that stool testing would find something wrong with me .948    
10 Giving a stool/faecal sample for testing is really embarrassing   .507   
11 The idea of having a short, lighted tube inserted into my anus is gross    −.960  
12 Imagining that other people know I am collecting stool samples for testing would be embarrassing   .780   
13 Collecting my own faeces/poo is so disgusting I think I would gag     .582
14 I feel uncomfortable when a doctor or nurse describes bowel screening     
15 I feel anxious when I think about conducting a stool test     
16 Imagining the feeling of having a screening instrument inserted into my rectum makes me feel ill    −.822  
17 I would feel humiliated if someone found a faecal collection kit I had been given   .715   
18 The possibility that collecting faeces for a bowel test might be a bit messy is revolting     
19 I am afraid that I might hurt myself somehow during stool collection     
20 Having to insert preparatory medications into my bottom before a bowel cancer test is disgusting    −.566  
  1. Note. Loadings of less than .5 are suppressed