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Table 1 Specific and non-specific symptoms of upper gastrointestinal (GI) cancer

From: Predictive values of upper gastrointestinal cancer alarm symptoms in the general population: a nationwide cohort study

Specific alarm symptoms of upper GI cancer Prevalence estimates of the symptoms (n (%)), N = 33,040
 Repeated vomiting 350 (1.1%)
 Difficulty swallowing 1119 (3.4%)
 Upper GI bleedinga 454 (1.4%)
 Persistent and recent-onset abdominal painb 832 (2.5%)
Non-specific alarm symptoms of upper GI cancer  
 Nausea 3040 (9.2%)
 Weight loss 859 (2.6%)
 Loss of appetite 1586 (4.8%)
 Feeling unwell 3502 (10.6%)
 Tiredness 13,745 (41.6%)
  1. aUpper GI bleeding comprises experiencing ‘Blood in vomit’ and ‘Black stool’
  2. b‘Persistent and recent-onset abdominal pain’ comprises experiencing ‘Abdominal pain’ for the first time more than one month ago but less than six months ago