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Fig. 1

From: The oncogenic effects of HES1 on salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma cell growth and metastasis

Fig. 1

HES1 expression is regulated by NOTCH1 in SACC cells. a, b, The upregulated genes were associated mainly with cell mobility, cell differentiation and proliferation and signal transduction (a), and the downregulated genes were associated with metabolism, transport and differentiation (b). c, d, The expression of NOTCH1, HES1, KRT-14, MMP9, S100A2, IGFBP7, PSCA and C9ORF3 genes, which were selected from the RNA-Seq reports, was measured by qRT-PCR (c), and the linear regression analysis was used to compare the expression levels of the abovementioned selected genes between the RNA-Seq results and qRT-PCR results (d). e Western blot analysis and quantification of HES1 expression in SACC cells after NOTCH1 up-regulation by adenovirus infection

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