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Table 1 Prescribed and alternative exercises in the resistance training program

From: Impact of resistance training on body composition and metabolic syndrome variables during androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Prescribed Alternative
Dynamic Warmup Exercises
 Free-standing squat Plie holding bar
 Agility ladder forward and lateral shuffle Agility ladder forward shuffle
 Pushup Elevated pushup on Smith machine bar
 Reverse pull-up on Smith machine bar No alternatives were used
Periodized Resistance Training Exercises
 Leg press No alternatives were used
 Leg curl Hip bridge on ball + knee extension/flexion
 Leg extension Supine, single leg raise in knee extension
 Machine chest press Resistance band chest press
 Smith machine shoulder press Resistance band lateral raise
 Lat pulldown Resistance band pulldown
 Seated row Resistance band row
Trunk Exercises
 Plank Elevated plank on Smith machine bar
 Single leg hip bridge Dual leg hip bridge
 Dead bug (shoulder/hip flexion/extension) Deadbug (hip flexion/extension only)