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Table 2 LAST Study Measurement of Patient-Reported Outcomes

From: Design and rationale for the life after stopping tyrosine kinase inhibitors (LAST) study, a prospective, single-group longitudinal study in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia

Measure # Items
PROMIS Depressiona CAT
PROMIS Sleep Disturbancea CAT
PROMIS GI Symptoms - Diarrheaa 2
PROMIS GI Symptoms - Nausea 1
PROMIS Physical Function CAT
PROMIS Sleep Related Impairment CAT
PROMIS Pain Interference CAT
PROMIS Pain Intensity 1
PROMIS Ability to Participate in Social Roles and Activities CAT
PROMIS Social Isolation CAT
PROMIS Applied Cognition General CAT
PROMIS Interest in Sexual Activity 1
PROMIS Satisfaction with Sex Life 1
PROMIS Alcohol Use 2
PROMIS Global Self-Rated Health 1
PROMIS Global Quality of Life 1
EORTC CML Symptom Burden (includes 1 item on musculoskeletal paina) 13
Ability to work 2
Ability to pay monthly bills 1
Changes in use of pharmaceuticals 6
  1. Abbreviations: EORTC European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer; CAT Computerized Adaptive Test; GI Gastrointestinal; PROMIS Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System
  2. aHypothesized change of ≥0.3 standardized effect size