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Table 20 Characteristics of included studies- leukemia

From: Associations between aspirin use and the risk of cancers: a meta-analysis of observational studies

Study source Sex Study period Source of subjects No of case No of control/cohort size Cancer site Exposure assessment Exposure Definition Adjustment for covariates Study quality
Case-control studies
 Ross JA [257], 2011, US M/F 2005–2009 The MCSS 734 697 Leukemia Questionnaire Use at least once per week for at least 1 year 1,7,10 9
 Weiss JR [258], 2006, US M/F 1981–1998 RPCI 169 676 Leukemia Questionnaire Use at least once per week for 6 months(regular) 1,2 6
 Oleske D [7], 1985, US M/F 1975–1981 Hairy Cell Tumor Registry and Treatment Center 45 134 Leukemia Questionnaire Use three times a week or more for more than 2 months 1,2,6,11 6
Cohort studies
 Jacobs EJ [98], 2007, US M/F 1992–2003 Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort 465 146,113 Leukemia Questionnaire Use at least 30 “times” per month(daily use of adult-strength) 1,2,3,5,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 8
 Kasum CM [259], 2003, US F 1992–2000 IWHS 81 28,224 Leukemia Questionnaire Had ever taken aspirin- not further defined 1,3,5 8
 Friis S [62], 2003, Denmarka M/F 1989–1997 Population from North Jutland County 69 29,470 Leukemia Prescription database 75–150 mg once daily(low-dose aspirin) 1,2 8
 Schreinemachers DM [63], 1994, US M/F 1971–1987 The National Health and Examination Survey Ι 39 12,668 Leukemia Self reported Use aspirin during the 30-day period before the interview 1,2 6
  1. 1=age, 2=sex, 3=smoking, 4=family history, 5=educational level, 6=residence, 7=other analgesic use, 8=fat distribution, 9=social status, 10=BMI, 11=race, 12=physical activity level, 13=use of hormone replacement therapy, 14=history of mammography, 15=history of colorectal endoscopy, 16=use of non-aspirin NSAIDs, 17= history of heart attack, 18=diabetes, 19=hypertension
  2. IWHS Iowa Women’s Health Study, MCSS the Minnesota Cancer Surveillance System, RPCI the Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  3. aStudy deemed to be prone to immortal time bias