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Fig. 5

From: Stellate cells and mesenchymal stem cells in benign mammary stroma are associated with risk factors for breast cancer – an observational study

Fig. 5

Confocal images of double immunofluorescence labeling of ALDH1 and vinculin. (a and b) The two images illustrate several spindle-shaped and polygonal ALDH1+ (green) and/or vinculin+ (red) cells, and the variable ALDH1 and vinculin immunolabeling of these cells. Nuclei are DAPI stained (blue). A thin arrow indicates an ALDH1 and vinculin double-labeled cell (yellow) in a and an ALDH– vinculin+ cell in b. The thick arrow in b indicates a capillary with vinculin+ endothelium (as reported previously [37]). Scale bars 10 μm

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